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Getting caught up – kinda

Dan's Bonneville Cutt on the Cub River

Dan’s Bonneville Cutt on the Cub River

What a hectic several weeks. By the time next Friday comes around, I’ll have logged over 7000 driving miles – yikes!

Here’s a quick overview with some more specific trip reports later.

A few days after our bull trout trip we spent a day on the Cub River catching Bonneville cutthroat. It was fun, but the water was maybe just a tad high to get into the bigger fish. We did try a couple of new places. Dan caught the nice cutty at the top of this post (yes, I remembered the camera).

The following week was the annual trip to the Greys River. We spent two days there. There will be a separate report on that trip, but here is a pretty little fine-spotted cutthroat I caught to whet the appetite.

Bonneville Cutthroat Art

Bonneville Cutthroat Art

Dan and I returned on Wednesday from that trip, then turned around on Monday for a five day, five subspecies, 2200 mile circuit of the southwest for Colorado River cutts, Greenback cutts, Apache trout, Gila trout, and Rio Grande cutts (large-spotted and regular). While our loved ones sweltered at home in the mid-9o’s, we enjoyed low 80’s and bushwhacked through the tropical rainforests of northern New Mexico. There will be an in-depth report on that one later too.

Paul stalking Rio Grande cutts in NM rainforest

Paul stalking Rio Grande cutts in NM rainforest

I had a two day break, then it was my 25th wedding anniversary, so my wife and I took a 2000 mile motorcycle trip along the Oregon coast then to Seattle to spend a few days with my aunt. I did hook up with Gary Marston in Gig Harbor, Washington to add a few coastal cutthroats to my life list. I’ll probably have a short post on that one in the future.

The day after tomorrow I’m off on a 1000+ mile motorcycle trip into Wyoming, Montana and Idaho passing some of the most storied rivers of the Northern Rockies.

Then next Monday through Thursday I’ll be heading back to the Greys River to take the 16-18 year old boys from our church river rafting on the Snake River and fishing the Greys. Depending on the amount of fishing done, there might be a report on that one too.

At the end of that trip, I’ll be done for the summer since I have to get back to teaching a week after that.

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2 comments for “Getting caught up – kinda”

  1. Now you got me anticipating the Greys River report! If you remember that is my favorite spot in Wyoming.

    Posted by HarryL | August 13, 2012, 4:30 pm
    • Hi Harry. Yes, I remember you like the Greys. I’m home for the summer now, and I’m sorting through my pictures. I actually went to the Greys twice in the past month, so I think I’ll roll both visits into one post. It’s the one I’m working on now (done in a couple of days).

      Posted by Cutthroat Stalker (Scott) | August 14, 2012, 8:38 pm

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