“Fly Box” – Mixed Media Presentation

Move over “A River Runs Through It,” fly fishing is being taken to a whole new place. For those of you anywhere near Racine, WI on August 12, you might want to check this out. As mentioned in the Racine “The Journal Times”:

…a multi-disciplinary performance piece about the art of angling called “Fly Box.” Suchy’s mixed-media presentation – which incorporates live original music, photography, video, poetry, textile art and actual fishing flies – will premiere during the Racine Art Museum’s Meet Me on the Patio event on Friday, Aug.

Read the full piece.

Many currently in the sport often wonder if another angler is a BTM angler or ATM angler (before THE movie or after THE movie). Will this new mixed media presentation be enough to spark the next generation of anglers to join the sport causing all pre- “Fly Box” anglers to curse the post- “Fly Box” anglers? Only time will tell.

(If somebody goes, see if you can sneak in a video camera inside your hat, cleverly aimed through the hole you poke through the dotted “i” in the Orvis logo. It will be like those pre-DVD releases of movies still in the theater you can download by torrent. (At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know from personal experience.) Please be a little more discreet than these folks.)

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  1. nothing to do with being there aug. 12th but i have fished steelhead in racie on the root river. sweet little river

    Posted by mike doughty | August 5, 2010, 9:06 am

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