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Design Your Own Fish/Angling Experiment

Have you ever had a particular question about fish behavior that science might be able to answer? There might be a way to get that question answered.

Rock Rollers at Soul of Streams

Robert Williamson from “Soul of Streams” has a great little piece on rock rollers (aka rock worms, aka cased caddisflies).

Super Bow – from Flydaho

Granny tells of an adventure (he titled it “Super Bow”) with his faithful dog Bozo back in June of 1964 (most of us young punks weren’t even born yet–full disclosure: I was conceived one month before his story took place, so I can claim “young punk” status on this) and the black drake hatch. Get on over there, enjoy the piece, and drop him a comment.

Eccles Is At It, Again

Eccles, at Turning Over Small Stones, offers another fine piece of scientific fish musings, plus more.

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

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