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In the Land of the Cutthroats – DVD

Nick Clement of Reel Escape Films has a nice trailer (4:33) of his In the Land of the Cutthroats (this is the link to the HD version on Vimeo—check out the other videos of his there too).

The Dead Drift – DVD Review

Dean Bell, one of New Zealand’s premiere guides, fishes Fiordland of New Zealand’s South Island giving excellent instruction on how to fish using the “dead drift,” as well as additional information and analysis.

Rivers of a Lost Coast Awarded

Rivers of a Lost Coast received the Jury’s Award for Best Documentary Feature at Sacramento Film Festival.

“The Dead Drift” – DVD Review?

You’ll notice the question mark in the title of this post. That’s because I’m not actually reviewing the DVD, “The Dead Drift,” but rather the promotional efforts of the website that produced and markets the DVD.

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