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Artist – Nick Mayer – Escape Studio

Nick Mayer’s watercolor artwork at Escape Studio. Nick’s pieces have a “technical” feel to them, with a clean, precise look, but the watercoloring softens them, bringing a warmth and aliveness to each piece.

Some Art of Angling

A handful of artists are featured in this post as I try to get caught up. Fly fishing art has some great artists plying their skills. In addition, I find many of them keep some great blogs where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at an artist at work.

Thom Glace – Watercolors of Trout

Thom Glace is a watercolor artist living in Pennsylvania. He has some nice looking paintings dealing with many sportsfishing species.

Mike Savlen Offers New “Bragging Rights Portraits” of You

Mike Savlen is a great artist! And he is now offering, for the first time, to paint portraits of you and your trophy.

Artist – Fish Carver – Spencer Alexander

Spencer Alexander is an artist specializing in fish carvings. Get information about, and see some of, his work.

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

fine spotted cutt - vignetting anchor ice Google Earth green field field-tire-tracks pelicans-close-up "painting" detail bikes night yellowstone cutthroat Grays Lake, Idaho
Fly Fish Literati
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