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Jazz & Fly Fishing?

A Scandinavian jazz group who also have a passion for fly fishing. Combine the two and you get a made for TV series titled, “Jazz & Fly Fishing.”

Native Fish – A New Resource

For those interested in native fish, or would like to become better informed about them, or learn how and where to fish for them, you’ll find this new website, The Angler’s Life List, to be an excellent resource. It’s mainly dedicated to North America and salmonid species for now.

“The Dead Drift” – DVD Review?

You’ll notice the question mark in the title of this post. That’s because I’m not actually reviewing the DVD, “The Dead Drift,” but rather the promotional efforts of the website that produced and markets the DVD.

“Turning Over Small Stones”

An exceptional blog about fly fishing comes to us from Eccles at “Turning Over Small Stones.” Using science, wit and an educated mind, he tackles fly fishing issues.

Native Trout Hardcore

Gary M at Native Trout Fly Fishing is a hardcore nativist. Check out his recent entry where he wraps up his quest for all 12 of the state’s native salmonid species.

Winona Fly Factory

If you haven’t been to Justin’s site before, swing over to Winona Fly Factory. He’s been hard at work for a little over a year learning to fly fish and he is doing a great job of recording his learning.

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

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Fly Fish Literati
Fly Fish Literati 29 members Fly Fish Literati is a group of readers dedicated to those writers who have blended the experience o...

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