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“Fly Box” – Mixed Media Presentation

The latest media craze in fly fishing? “Fly Box” is a mixed media presentation in Racine, WI.

Chalkstream and Bonneville Creek Photo Montage

By popular demand (if you can call one request “popular”), here are some photos from my second trip to “Chalkstream” this past Wednesday and my first trip to “Bonneville Creek” this year.

Weather Stinks – No Fishing

Bad weather and no fishing makes me head south for some camping, warmer temps and beautiful scenery in Capitol Reef National Park.

Recent Storm Blues

Spring is a temptress, toying with the hearts of anglers. It’s enough to bring on the blues. (In word and music.)

Artist – Nick Mayer – Escape Studio

Nick Mayer’s watercolor artwork at Escape Studio. Nick’s pieces have a “technical” feel to them, with a clean, precise look, but the watercoloring softens them, bringing a warmth and aliveness to each piece.

Update Your Links to Mike Savlen’s New Blog Address

If you’ve tried getting to Mike Savlen’s Fresh Art Blog and keep in touch with his excellent artwork, make sure you update your address for him (see link above).

Winter River Walks

The temperature inversions in our valley have one positive affect: some incredible hoar frost (radiation frost) builds up. As I wait for ice and joints to thaw, and fish to move, I walk the valley. Exchanging fly rod and flies for tripod and camera, I stay as close to water as I can. Stalking scenes […]

Five More Angling Artists

Five angling artists to peruse and purchase from.

Some Art of Angling

A handful of artists are featured in this post as I try to get caught up. Fly fishing art has some great artists plying their skills. In addition, I find many of them keep some great blogs where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at an artist at work.

Thom Glace – Watercolors of Trout

Thom Glace is a watercolor artist living in Pennsylvania. He has some nice looking paintings dealing with many sportsfishing species.

Sumi-e and the Art of Fly Fishing

Sumi-e is the Japanese art of ink painting stemming from Zen thought. There is much to learn from thoughtful sumi-e artists that can be applied to many things, including an approach to fly fishing.

2009 Fly Fishing Slideshow

Check out Cutthroat Stalker’s 2009 Fly Fishing year in review slideshow.

Mike Savlen’s New Cutthroat Art

Mike Savlen has done his first (I believe it’s his first) painting of a cutthroat. The colors are exceptionally brilliant. It’s for sale too. Go check it out!

Autumn Turns Against the Current

It is said that the autumn of our life is a slow and steady slip into winter, synonymous with the time when animals hibernate and plants die. Some might think of it as more of a homesickness, not a geographical homesickness, but a chronological one—a time for reflection, for looking back at what was. Autumn is a matter of perspective—of seeing our current time as just that, current.

Monochromatic Interlude

This brief interlude from summer’s end to autumn’s beginning is brought to you by the monochrome stillness of the storm shrouding the mountains in clouds, momentarily hiding colors. What light there is suffuses my thoughts which are as dispersed as the autumnal seeds blown about. Seeds that when sown will bring next year’s blossoms.

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

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