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Cactus Stalker

Stalking the desert cactus at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Rise Forms is Almost Here!

Fly fishing’s literary magazine, Rise Forms, is almost here!

It’s a boy!

I’m a grandpa. He’s a boy. Everybody’s fine.

Mecca Declined

Most people tend to turn their face toward Mecca, but in a blatant disregard of protocol, I turned a blind eye toward Mecca and rode on. Actually, truth be told, one eye was on Mecca and the other was on the road. OK, OK, sometimes both eyes were on Mecca and I was lucky to not crash and burn.

Stalking the Stalker

Cutthroat Stalker bypassed some mighty famous rivers of the west to get to what two locations? A little game to pass your time: Stalking the Stalker. Link to a map.

Gun Runners and ICE

“Can I see your license?”

I handed Mr. Tan Polyester Pants my license.

“Are you awake? You seemed to be weaving all over,” he said as he glanced at my license and looked through the windows at the boxes lining the rear of the SUV and stacked on the folded-down half of the rear seat. He seemed to step back and notice the sag of the rear end of the vehicle and debating with himself what the relationship was between the sag and the boxes.

“Could you tell me what’s in these boxes?”

Weather Stinks – No Fishing

Bad weather and no fishing makes me head south for some camping, warmer temps and beautiful scenery in Capitol Reef National Park.

Cutthroat Stalker Stopped Fishing?

In case you’re worried, Cutthroat Stalker still fishes, there’s just a big project on the docket consuming his time.

Join Other Fly Fishing Readers

Those of you who like to read fly fishing literature, such as essays, fiction, poetry, etc. that has graced our avocation for centuries, may like to know about a group of like-minded folks who meet on a website called Goodreads. I’d love to invite everyone who loves fly fishing literature to get involved and add your voice to the group, which is called Fly Fish Literati.

Recent Storm Blues

Spring is a temptress, toying with the hearts of anglers. It’s enough to bring on the blues. (In word and music.)

IFWF 2010 Trip Auction Open for Bidding

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation has 42 great experiences still open for bidding. The first item to be sold outright was a wolf pup count for two people in the Sawtooth National Forest for $900. As much as I would have loved to win that bid, it’s a little out of my price range. Most of the trips are under $100 for starting bids, and quite a few below $50. Check out the cool trips (jet boat patrol on South Fork Snake River, Hells Canyon white sturgeon research, guided fly fishing on Silver Creek, elk calf capture, back country lake fish planting by horseback, several spawning surveys, etc., etc.), and bid on something.

Need Plans to Fuel Your Pre Fishing Season Excitement?

Head on over to Island Park and watch the big cutts on their spawning run as they make their way from Henry’s Lake to Hatchery Creek.

If only you were born a few million years ago…

If only you were born a few million years ago, you could have posed for your ultimate grip-n-grin shot with the Leedsichthys, a filter-feeding fish that reached lengths of 30-50 feet.

Winter River Walks

The temperature inversions in our valley have one positive affect: some incredible hoar frost (radiation frost) builds up. As I wait for ice and joints to thaw, and fish to move, I walk the valley. Exchanging fly rod and flies for tripod and camera, I stay as close to water as I can. Stalking scenes […]

The Convergence of Canals and Fish

Logan, in northern Utah, was not much different than most early Mormon settlements. White settlers first arrived in 1859 and located near the Logan River. They planted crops, diverted the North Branch of the Logan River for irrigation, and the settlement grew. Canals and ditches were expanded and added to meet the city’s growing needs. Mills sprouted along the canals. Still more people arrived and with them came changes: adobe walls replaced logs, clapboard replaced adobe and brick replaced clapboard. However, one constant through the changes were the canals. Mills along the canals came and went, but the canals remained.

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

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