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Good News for the Cruelty and Fishing Debate

If you haven’t heard by now, stirrings in the plant field may help tone down some rhetoric in the cruelty to animals debates. Researchers in Israel have recently published information that Recent evidence demonstrates that plants are able not only to perceive and adaptively respond to external information but also to anticipate forthcoming hazards and […]

A Day With Dr. Behnke

If you’re a cutthroat trout enthusiast, you know the stories of extinct cutthroat trout that really weren’t extinct. In stories almost too hard to believe, we’re told of the tenacity individuals displayed in moving trout from point A to points B, C and beyond. Anders Halverson records such stories surrounding the rainbow trout in his […]

NY Times – Catch and Release Debate

Catch and release, as well as fish pain, debated (not really, one-sided for the most part) at NY Times’ “Room for Debate.”

Free Book Giveaway

Would you like to win a new book that is hot off the press? I have one I’m giving away. Learn how to get your name in the drawing.

Save the Paiute Cutthroat (Again)

If you are in the least bit interested in native fish, the Paiute Cutthroat is an important species to help. The few remaining fish in their native range in the entire world are in just several miles of creek in the High Sierras of eastern California.

Design Your Own Fish/Angling Experiment

Have you ever had a particular question about fish behavior that science might be able to answer? There might be a way to get that question answered.

Do Fish Feel Pain? by Victoria Braithwaite – Book Introduction

The following is an introduction to this new book, based on a reading of the preface only. I have a quest. The quest involves answering several related questions. I won’t list them all, but the following two questions should give an idea as to the basic gist of them: Do fish suffer when they are […]

Ted Williams’ – Wildlife Fauxtography

Ted Williams exposes the seamier side of “wildlife” photography: game farms where photographers get “nature” shot.

Conservation News – Native Cutthroat

A couple of native trout conservation topics to keep tabs on in Idaho and Yellowstone.

IFWF 2010 Trip Auction Open for Bidding

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation has 42 great experiences still open for bidding. The first item to be sold outright was a wolf pup count for two people in the Sawtooth National Forest for $900. As much as I would have loved to win that bid, it’s a little out of my price range. Most of the trips are under $100 for starting bids, and quite a few below $50. Check out the cool trips (jet boat patrol on South Fork Snake River, Hells Canyon white sturgeon research, guided fly fishing on Silver Creek, elk calf capture, back country lake fish planting by horseback, several spawning surveys, etc., etc.), and bid on something.

Need Plans to Fuel Your Pre Fishing Season Excitement?

Head on over to Island Park and watch the big cutts on their spawning run as they make their way from Henry’s Lake to Hatchery Creek.

If only you were born a few million years ago…

If only you were born a few million years ago, you could have posed for your ultimate grip-n-grin shot with the Leedsichthys, a filter-feeding fish that reached lengths of 30-50 feet.

California’s DFG’s Hatchery Stocking Report

For those of you concerned about the impact of hatchery released fish into native fish habitat in California, the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) released their Environmental Impact Report (EIR) / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on January 11.

Ah, Man – Do We Gotta Do This Again?

Janicke Nordgreen is back with bells on! She’s the Norwegian doctoral student from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NSVS) who brought us the morphine and goldfish study last year resulting in this title: “Fish May Actually Feel Pain And React To It Much Like Humans Do.” In October 2009 she defended her PhD-thesis, entitled “Nociception and pain in teleost fish.”

Franklin Basin Allotment

The Western Watersheds Project (and some others) filed an appeal concerning the local USFS’s ranger’s ruling concerning the Franklin Basin allotment. On December 9, 2009, the USDA, through the Forest Supervisor, Brian Ferebee, sided with WWP.

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

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