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The Kryptonite Hatch

What is it that can bring grown men to their knees, begging both boss and wife for permission to drop all vestiges of responsible adulthood and flee with abandon to River A for the hatch of all hatches? The Kryptonite Hatch!

Fischer and Spassky? Not Quite.

Not quite the match-up as it was when Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky met, but a fisher and fish match wits.

South Fork Boise – Prelude to Fishing

I never thought a female would become such an integral part of our spring excursions (which I kind of think of as a “guy” thing). But Judie is starting to become a part of our Idaho fishing world. And, well…OK, OK, time to come fully clean—we’ve been seeing each other consistently for three years now. […]

Sowing and Reaping

“Hey, Dad, check it out!” Ben says, pointing to something along the edge of the river. A green cloth, partially in the water, caked with mud. Looking a little closer I see it is green flannel. I reach down and pull it out. A flannel shirt, intact. I rinse it in the river and set […]

Last Foray?

Our last foray into Idaho this year? Quite possibly. It didn’t start too well. I swung by Dan’s house as I was heading home. He was putting siding on his shed and I honked. He swung toward me and grazed a finger across the chip board (wafer board), thereby skewering the middle knuckle of his […]

Sleepless Autumn Night

I grope toward the bed in the half dark as my eyes adjust to the diffuse light of the rising Harvest Moon glancing through the five bedroom windows. I strip off my clothes and pause for a moment to shiver in the bracing breeze streaming through the windows knowing that warmth is a step away. […]

Literary Outdoor Blog – StoryArc

Do you like reading well-written fishing stories? Enjoy "Gray’s Sporting Journal" but wish it came out more frequently so you could read some decent outdoorsy type poetry? Are you a closet writer? Have some great photos you’d like to share with a larger viewership? Then StoryArc is the place for you. David Motes, a published […]

MacGyver Fishing (AKA Red Green to the Rescue)

I’m no MacGyver, much more along the lines of Red Green…

Teaching Your Child to Fish

Dry feet are great, but the first fish on a dry fly by your eleven year old daughter is MUCH BETTER! Yeah, that’s what I’m talk’n bout! So it was a brown. No big deal. It was only eleven inches. Who cares. It was hers, all hers! And just who is the dipstick who forgot […]

Best Fishing Day In 18 Months!

This was the best day I have had fishing in at least 18 months! Both stalkerS were on the prowl today near the headwaters of West Fork of the Bear River. Within seconds of entering the water, I knew, no doubts at all, that I had finally reached the pinnacle of 18 months of effort. […]

Wild Goose Chase 1, 2 & 3

I’m supposed to be at a meeting at work. But Dan has a plan. Oh, why do I listen? (map and pictures below)

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

mucilin floatant tree-red-rock02 Monticello Rear Valley of Fire lights-scott-top.jpg Sweet 16 Inches snowy-egret left foot Scott's Cutthroat leaves-water
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