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The Greys and No Blues

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know I have a bit of a thing for the Greys River in western Wyoming. With the drought gripping the nation, including our neck of the woods, I was a bit worried about this year’s trip to the Greys. The water was down when we arrived July […]

Playing with dollies in the desert – it was a bunch of bull!

Playing with Dolly Varden’s cousins in the heart of Idaho’s northern Snake River Plain deserts. Dan and I end my drought of bull trout in the middle of a summer drought.

Toeing the Line

Toeing the Utah Idaho border for Yellowstone cutthroat.

Cactus Stalker

Stalking the desert cactus at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Mecca Declined

Most people tend to turn their face toward Mecca, but in a blatant disregard of protocol, I turned a blind eye toward Mecca and rode on. Actually, truth be told, one eye was on Mecca and the other was on the road. OK, OK, sometimes both eyes were on Mecca and I was lucky to not crash and burn.

Easier Done than Said

Day 2 of the Appalachian brook trout quest was the day I was most worried about in the planning stages. We were looking for the northern strain that day and we wanted to fish the Rapidan River to do it. The Rapidan has great historicity when it comes to fly fishing and it’s supposed to have a good population of brook trout. But most of what I read mentioned that accessibility might be an issue—3 to 4 miles of vigorous hiking just to get to the stretches with the fish, then the actual fishing mileage, followed by a 3 mile hike back to the vehicle, uphill. We were on a tight schedule, and that just wouldn’t do.

Redband Roundup – Wish You Were Here

Last weekend was the annual trip to the South Fork Boise River. The fishing was excellent, with enough 16″-20″ redband trout surface feeding and brought to hand to slake my winter fishing drought. Wish you were there.

IFWF 2010 Trip Auction Open for Bidding

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation has 42 great experiences still open for bidding. The first item to be sold outright was a wolf pup count for two people in the Sawtooth National Forest for $900. As much as I would have loved to win that bid, it’s a little out of my price range. Most of the trips are under $100 for starting bids, and quite a few below $50. Check out the cool trips (jet boat patrol on South Fork Snake River, Hells Canyon white sturgeon research, guided fly fishing on Silver Creek, elk calf capture, back country lake fish planting by horseback, several spawning surveys, etc., etc.), and bid on something.

Robert Proposes a Great “Hoppertunity” on the Logan River

Robert, from “Soul of Streams,” suggests an opportunity to share a little fun, food and fishing on the Logan River.

“Bonneville Creek” and Greys River

Two trips of two days each fishing “Bonneville Creek,” Idaho and Greys River, Wyoming for Bonneville and Finespotted cutthroat trout (including a brief recap of Scott’s most prolific 3 hours of catching fish ever experienced).

Fishing for Desert Natives – Day 3

Desert Fishing Day 3 – in which Dan and Scott drive the endless desert to fish Willow Creek, then continue, surviving steep, dark terrors of the backcountry as they headed toward the Jarbidge Wilderness Area.

Fishing for Desert Natives – Day 2

Day 2 of Dan’s and Scott’s Desert Natives Fishing Trip along the northern edge of the Great Basin wherein we fished for redband trout on Rock Creek and Alvord cutthroat and Lahontan cutthroat on Guano Creek. And suffered a merciless attack by mosquitoes.

Fishing for Desert Natives – Day 1

Day 1 of Dan’s and Scott’s Desert Natives Fishing Trip: Idaho (fishing Bennett Creek and South Fork of the Boise) and driving to Oregon. Enjoy the adventure along with us.

Closed – Gone Fishing – Wyoming

Blog Closed – I’ll be fishing Wyoming the next two days.

Henry’s Fork Island Park

Family vacation time, so Scott only fished a few hours. A couple of pictures were snapped, but that’s about it. This is just the latest butt-whooping from the fabled waters of Henry’s to be doled out to the Cutthroat Stalker.

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