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The Greys and No Blues

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know I have a bit of a thing for the Greys River in western Wyoming. With the drought gripping the nation, including our neck of the woods, I was a bit worried about this year’s trip to the Greys. The water was down when we arrived July […]

Getting caught up – kinda

What a hectic several weeks. By the time next Friday comes around, I’ll have logged over 7000 driving miles – yikes! Here’s a quick overview with some more specific trip reports later. A few days after our bull trout trip we spent a day on the Cub River catching Bonneville cutthroat. It was fun, but […]

Easier Done than Said

Day 2 of the Appalachian brook trout quest was the day I was most worried about in the planning stages. We were looking for the northern strain that day and we wanted to fish the Rapidan River to do it. The Rapidan has great historicity when it comes to fly fishing and it’s supposed to have a good population of brook trout. But most of what I read mentioned that accessibility might be an issue—3 to 4 miles of vigorous hiking just to get to the stretches with the fish, then the actual fishing mileage, followed by a 3 mile hike back to the vehicle, uphill. We were on a tight schedule, and that just wouldn’t do.

Chalkstream and Bonneville Creek Photo Montage

By popular demand (if you can call one request “popular”), here are some photos from my second trip to “Chalkstream” this past Wednesday and my first trip to “Bonneville Creek” this year.

Exploited: One Angler and Zero Cutthroat

The humiliating day of skunkage in King Kong sized proportions gives way to the Intermountain West’s finest “Chalkstream” containing some sizeable fish. This angler was there for an incredible day of biking, beauty and dry fly excitement during a prolific hatch.

Sin, Salvation and Stacks (and Something Fishy)

The entire mix created a carnival-like atmosphere—the worst kind of traveling carnival that stalks America with the worldly pleasures only carnies can provide small towns. For Dan and I, this was the gateway to our worldly pleasure too: Salvelinus fontinalis, the brook trout. Specifically, the southern Appalachian strain.

Redband Roundup – Wish You Were Here

Last weekend was the annual trip to the South Fork Boise River. The fishing was excellent, with enough 16″-20″ redband trout surface feeding and brought to hand to slake my winter fishing drought. Wish you were there.

2009 Fly Fishing Slideshow

Check out Cutthroat Stalker’s 2009 Fly Fishing year in review slideshow.

The End of Fishing

Although in my neck of the woods fishing is open 365 days a year, this is pretty much the end of the season for me.

Under the Press of Time

As we drive the dark road east, I look up where stars dot a narrow path through the morning. I feel the press of hundreds of feet of sheer canyon walls more than see them. Ahead of us the dawn unwinds its hours, slowly unveiling the skyline—a jagged, ancient silhouette stretching for miles.

Hoppertunity Lost – Friends Gained

Testing out Robert’s hopper patterns on the Logan River doesn’t turn out quite the way we anticipated, but ends up a good way to make new friends.

Cub River – Sept 2009

Fly fishing the Cub River, where the fall colors were evident in the fish, if not the leaves. This is a quick fishing report and photo shoot.

Logan River – Sept 2009

Fly Fishing the Logan River, Sept. 2, 2009. A hint of turning colors. A handful of fish. A solitude of mind.

“Bonneville Creek” and Greys River

Two trips of two days each fishing “Bonneville Creek,” Idaho and Greys River, Wyoming for Bonneville and Finespotted cutthroat trout (including a brief recap of Scott’s most prolific 3 hours of catching fish ever experienced).

Logan River Fishing Report

The Logan River is my “home” water (it’s the closest, but I haven’t fished it as much this year). I was able to fish it twice last week. Here’s the report (along with some amateurish video of Cutthroat Stalker stalking cutthroat).

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