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Rock Rollers at Soul of Streams

Robert Williamson from “Soul of Streams” has a great little piece on rock rollers (aka rock worms, aka cased caddisflies).

Fly Tying Demo at RoundRocks: African Furs Edition

Well, I survived without too much heckling from the crowd. There was a nice crowd of about 20 onlookers in the little fly shop watching. I had the great pleasure of sitting next to Bob Trowbridge, and excellent fly tier and tying teacher here in Utah. (My being placed right next to him only deepened […]

Deconstructing the Fly

It happens all the time, at least to me. I get a great idea for a fly, tie a few up and hit the river. The first opportunity I get to try the fly—as in, the second I hit the water, regardless of what is/isn’t coming off or what the fish are/aren’t rising to—I fling […]

Salmonfly Pattern – Struggling Salmonfly (the fly formerly known as The Foam Cross)

Update June 17, 08): Officially named Splayed Salmonfly (the fly formerly known as The Foam Cross). Here’s my not too pretty, but (for me) very productive "Foam Cross" (okay, a bit lame, but Dan is the master of name calling making, so until he gives it a better moniker, that’s the name). (Recipe and Pictures […]

Cutthroat Stalker’s Gallery

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