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Book Review – Travers Corners Final Chapters

These are “feel good” stories, but they aren’t sappy. They are easy reads, and each chapter is a self-contained story, although they are all about the same place and same people. You could easily open the book to a random chapter and read it without missing a thing. When you’re tired of your heavy reading, and need a light pick-me-up read, make sure you have all three of the Travers Corners books on hand.

Do Fish Feel Pain? by Victoria Braithwaite – Book Introduction

The following is an introduction to this new book, based on a reading of the preface only. I have a quest. The quest involves answering several related questions. I won’t list them all, but the following two questions should give an idea as to the basic gist of them: Do fish suffer when they are […]

Dry Fly Gospel – Book Review

My review of the book Dry Fly Gospel by Terry Coffey. It’s a quirky little book of 12 short stories, but one many people should find a few stories to their liking.

Book Review – An Entirely Synthetic Fish – Anders Halverson

Book Review of An Entirely Synthetic Fish, by Anders Halverson. The book goes on sale next week. You’ll want to grab a copy of this fascinating look at the history of stocking and conservation of non-native fish in the United States that is told with a reporter’s zeal for facts yet with a storyteller’s touch.

Book Review – Inventing Montana – Ted Leeson

Ted Leeson has been one of my favorite authors since his first book in 1994, The Habit of Rivers. Inventing Montana has a lot more personal feel and more humor than his previous works. For those of you who might have tried Leeson before but didn’t quite get into it, give this one a try. For those who already enjoy Leeson, you’ll love the extra dimensions this book adds to his repertoire.

Lost in Wyoming: Stories – My Book Review

My review of Scott Sadil’s latest book, Lost in Wyoming: Stories. This is a collection of 12 short stories, and 11 of them deal with fly fishing in some way or another, but they are really stories about relationships.

“Where Rivers Change Direction” – My Book Review

My Book Review of “Where Rivers Change Direction,” which is an excellent memoir of a boy growing up on a dude ranch in rural Wyoming. This is not a fly fishing book, but is set in Wyoming, near Yellowstone. Many anglers fish here, and I thought might be interested in a book about the area.

“Northwest of Normal” – My Book Review

My book review of the fly fishing novel, Northwest of Normal by John Larison.

Your Summer River Fix All Season Long

Dry Fly Media has an interesting DVD series (Rivers In Motion) they introduced a couple of months ago. They have a nice offer to bloggers that we could receive a free copy if we would review it for them. Being a sucker for free stuff, I had them send me a copy of “The Gallatin.” […]

An Angler’s Progress – My Review at

The Next Valley Over: An Angler’s Progress by Charles Gaines My review rating: 2 of 5 stars This book is the reason I wrote the “Braggarts R Us” post. Foreward by Terry McDonell: “Charles Gaines is a handsome man…The perfect cast has been his forever and he is a confident man… [he is:] so deeply […]

Book Reviews

I’m a bit behind, so here are four book reviews: Cutthroat: Native Trout of the West (nonfiction) Travers Corners (fiction) The Run to Gitche Gumee (fiction) Killing trout and Other Love Poems (poetry)

Listening to the River – book review at

Listening to the River by Malachi Mccormick My review Handmade book from The Stone Street Press Listening to the River is a slim volume (52pp), handmade by McCormick. It is stated as limited to 595 editions, but the reviewed copy is numbered 708. It is Japanese four hole binding. This is a memoir of Malachi […]

The Trout Whisperers – my review at

The Trout Whisperers by Peter Bodo My review rating: 4 of 5 stars Fly fisherman are sometimes thought of as snobbish sorts by other types of fishermen. Or, so the common “wisdom” is bandied about by fly fisherman. But I don’t ever think I’ve heard a non fly fisherman disparage a fly fisherman or fly […]

On Trout Streams and Salmon Rivers – My review at

On Trout Streams and Salmon Rivers is a collection of short (3-4 pages) narrative pieces about trout and salmon fishing which originally appeared in “The Anglers’ Club Bulletin” or “The Atlantic Salmon Journal.”

A Place In Mind – My Review at

A Place in Mind by Sydney Lea My review rating: 5 of 5 stars “Mystery that I observe—and make, like anyone. There are certain things, it seems from birth, that stick in the mind as signs from the heart of truth, and you attach them to what you call the self. “The self I’ve invented […]

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