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The Greys and No Blues

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know I have a bit of a thing for the Greys River in western Wyoming. With the drought gripping the nation, including our neck of the woods, I was a bit worried about this year’s trip to the Greys. The water was down when we arrived July […]

Getting caught up – kinda

What a hectic several weeks. By the time next Friday comes around, I’ll have logged over 7000 driving miles – yikes! Here’s a quick overview with some more specific trip reports later. A few days after our bull trout trip we spent a day on the Cub River catching Bonneville cutthroat. It was fun, but […]

Playing with dollies in the desert – it was a bunch of bull!

Playing with Dolly Varden’s cousins in the heart of Idaho’s northern Snake River Plain deserts. Dan and I end my drought of bull trout in the middle of a summer drought.

Good News for the Cruelty and Fishing Debate

If you haven’t heard by now, stirrings in the plant field may help tone down some rhetoric in the cruelty to animals debates. Researchers in Israel have recently published information that Recent evidence demonstrates that plants are able not only to perceive and adaptively respond to external information but also to anticipate forthcoming hazards and […]

Toeing the Line

Toeing the Utah Idaho border for Yellowstone cutthroat.

Fish or Cut Bait

There often comes a point in life where one must say, “It’s time to fish or cut bait!” Not being a bait fisherman I long ago cut out the bait, but recently I redecided it’s time to fish.

Rise Forms – Issue 1 Number 2

Latest issue of Rise Forms is online.

Cactus Stalker

Stalking the desert cactus at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

A Day With Dr. Behnke

If you’re a cutthroat trout enthusiast, you know the stories of extinct cutthroat trout that really weren’t extinct. In stories almost too hard to believe, we’re told of the tenacity individuals displayed in moving trout from point A to points B, C and beyond. Anders Halverson records such stories surrounding the rainbow trout in his […]

Rise Forms – Live @ Noon MST

Rise Forms: Fly fishing’s literary voice goes live at noon MST today, December 1, 2010.

Rise Forms is Almost Here!

Fly fishing’s literary magazine, Rise Forms, is almost here!

Counting Coup

The chutzpah of the fish led to an interesting day reflecting on the Native American act of touching the enemy without being harmed.

It’s a boy!

I’m a grandpa. He’s a boy. Everybody’s fine.

Mecca Declined

Most people tend to turn their face toward Mecca, but in a blatant disregard of protocol, I turned a blind eye toward Mecca and rode on. Actually, truth be told, one eye was on Mecca and the other was on the road. OK, OK, sometimes both eyes were on Mecca and I was lucky to not crash and burn.

NY Times – Catch and Release Debate

Catch and release, as well as fish pain, debated (not really, one-sided for the most part) at NY Times’ “Room for Debate.”

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